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You are our customer and yes, your privacy is very important to us. Keeping that in mind, we at TravelMano, has created a set of high standard privacy policies that will help us to serve you better.

Our privacy policies elaborate our practices that apply to our website, specifically, the information that we collect from our customers, how and when we gather information and what happens next.

We have prepared a certain set of policies for you because we believe that our customer must know every possible thing about our practices, so that they can make informed decision on their purchase from our website.

Payment Information and Travel History

When you register yourself with TravelMano using your credentials, you will able to book flights and purchase travel packages and accommodations. In order to complete your request, we need some payment information from you like, your official name, your credit card credentials, and billing address. All these information will be used by us to build your traveller profile. Your traveller profile is used by us to keep a record of your reservations, and purchases. Unless, you pick to edit your traveller profile; you may can add or alter your given information.

Visiting Our Website

You can visit our website and explore various deals without providing any personal information. When a user visits our website, we collect user’s information but we keep it secret and never reveals your individual identity. We use this data so that we can give our customer best navigation experience when you visit our website. Few of such information include:

  • How many visitors visited a particular page?
  • How long they stay on a particular page?
  • What type of things they are looking for, their computer operating system, and types of browsers user are using, IP address and location.

Please be informed that all such information is collected possibly from every website running on the internet. TravelMano uses all such information to enhance user experience.

Cookies and Pixel

TravelMano or third party advertiser together place pixel tag and cookies on your computer when you visit our site or a site which TravelMano advertise. These are small software files that our computer sends to your device and your device sends it back each time you visit our website. These files are used to get data about users and hence we can customize user’s experience at our website. Many internet websites automatically accept cookies. Although, you can also stop accepting cookies by editing browser’s option.

Third Party Advertisers

Please be aware that TravelMano in upcoming days going to get ‘third party advertisers’. These third party advertisers use pixel tagging and cookies to collect information to see user’s interest. Please make yourself aware that Travel Mano does not share your information to third party advertisers unless you give us permission categorically to do so at the time of registration.

Minor & Children Privacy

TravelMano does not sell its travel packages to minors. We do not encourage children under 18 years of age to book tickets or purchase travel packages without their parental consent. We also do not accept any information from minor.

Changes in Privacy Policy  

If TravelMano decides to change or enhance privacy policy, we will keep you posting on this page. 

Booking for other Traveller

If you wish to make a travel purchase for other travellers by using your travel profile on our website then, It is mandatory that each travellers should know & accept these policies.

Corporate Travel Policy

If someone on your behalf or even you is taking for corporate purchase or someone tell us that they are making booking for corporate purpose on your behalf, and let know that the credit card they have used for the payment purpose is a corporate credit card and we are into agreement with your corporation, we will then offer your personal required data to the management to tack your corporate travel purchase from us.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns regards to privacy policy of our website, you may contact us via email. We will give a positive response to your queries within next five working days after we receive your email.

Please don’t feel burdened after reading these policies. We have created this for you as well as for us, so that we can work together safely and feasibly.