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Cancellation & Refund Policy

You are eligible to make all your cancellation request 24 hour before the date of your flight. TravelMano will try to negotiate our customer's refund from the respective airlines. Please make yourself informed that the final decision of issuing refund lies to the airlines wholly and solely.

Please be informed that when the airline will issue refund, we do charge a certain amount of fee as our cancellation charge for both international that is $200 and for domestic $100. But this charge is not applicable in all cases; it can be cheaper in other cases.

You must take into consideration that some tickets are non-refundable and not available for re-booking.

So, before you book your tickets please read these polices for cancellation and make sure you agree with above and below mentioned terms and condition.

Change or Cancel Ticket Via Fax or Email

You can send us the cancellation request via fax and email. You must post your request before the first travel date. Also please cancel your ticket before the traveling date, else the cancellation is completely worthless.

Hotels Cancellation Policy

Please cancel you hotel seven days before and all your hotel cancellation is subjected to penalty of one night booking charge. If you are making canceling after 7 days then there will be no refund at all. Moreover, in hotel cancellation policy, 2% is charged as refund fee for credit card.

NO Refunds For Advance Checkouts.

Usually, guest name appear in hotel guest list system after 24 to 48 hours of check-in. If you have booked your tickets during trade fare then you cannot avail refunds after confirmation. TravelMano also keeps the right to be reimburse from you against any kind of loss, expenses, or damages occurred or incurred due to the cancellation.